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Sixers FM Podcast

Sixers FM Podcast

We catch up with a Sydney Sixers player every fortnight to chat about cricket and life.

Welcome to Sixers FM, your podcast for everything Sixers!

The countdown to BBL|07 and WBBL|03 is on and each fortnight leading into the summer we will sit down with a player and a special guest to chat about everything Sixers, cricket and life.

Each episode we will talk about the hot and current cricket topics while having some fun at the same time, that's the spirit of the Sixers.

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We also have five segments we will run through each podcast:

SIX-CESSFUL: our Sixers player will name six people they wish played in the Big Bash. It can be anyone - their parents, a movie star or another athlete. 

From the Crowd: before each episode we will put a call-out on our social media channels for questions to our players. We'll choose our favourites and ask the player during the podcast episode. So, to make sure your question is answered, be sure to follow the Sixers on Facebook and on both our Twitter handles (@sixersbbl and @sixerswbbl). 

What Off Season?: cricket isn't just a summer sport, there are games and tournaments being played around the world all year long. In this segment we will find out how our Sixers players fared as they represent Australia or suit up for their other teams.

Out of the Ground: the players have interests and hobbies outside of cricket, so this segment will shed new light on who they really are.

Walking In: each episode we will chat about how the Sixers women's team can go back-to-back in WBBL|03 and how the men can go one better in BBL|07.


Our second episode of Sixers FM features WBBL player Lauren Smith and James Buckley from the Sydney Morning Herald. With host Liz McPherson, the trio chat about boogie-boarding, which singer would make the best Big Bash League player and the recent Final of the Women's World Cup.


Sixers spinner Nathan Lyon is joined by ABC journalist Jen Browning where they chat about John Howard's bowling, playing with Barbies and who he would vote off Survivor. They also discuss the Sixers performances in the recent Women's World Cup.