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Get Involved

Want to play cricket? 

Cricket is a game for young and old and can be played at all levels. 

Entry Level Programs

For young boys and girls aged between five and eight years old, the best place to start is an MILO IN2Cricket Centre. IN2Cricket teaches kids the basic skills of cricket in a fun and exciting environment

The next step for boys and girls aged from eight to twelve years old is MILO T20 Blast. This gives kids the chance to play modified cricket in a fun and social setting.

Junior Cricket

From ages nine to 17, kids can join junior cricket clubs and play in modified and full format cricket matches. It's a great way for them to build lifelong friendships while enjoying all the fun that cricket has to offer. To find your local club click here

Sixers Girls Cricket League

Girls who are looking to play in a girls competition can play in the Sixers Girls Cricket League. It's a great way for girls to get involved in cricket as a team sport and enjoy all the fun and friendships cricket can offer. To find your local club, click here