Saving Sixer

Do you love convenience as much as you love the Sixers?

The Saving Sixer is designed to remove the hassle of manually renewing your Membership season after season. The Saving Sixer allows you to have your Membership automatically roll-over each season, guaranteeing you don't lose your tenure and the added benefits.

The Saving Sixer is FREE to join and available to Members with either upfront or monthly payments. Members will not be charged until the scheduled auto-rollover date, where they will be charged the price of their BBL|09 Membership*.

PLUS being apart of the Saving Sixers gains you access to a 10% discount on your Membership for the following season, not only giving you convenience but also bang for your buck!

Check out all our BBL|09 packages below including our all new WBBL All Match Pass, celebrating the first ever standalone WBBL season!

*The auto-rollover for BBL|09 & WBBL|05 is scheduled for July 1. Any Members who wish to update their payment details or package type, please contact your friendly Membership team on 1800 Sixers or by emailing