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6 Sixers Isolation activites to get you through quarantine

20 April 2020

We've put together a comprehensive list of fun Sixers activities you can do to help beat boredom while staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Rewatch the highlights from our BBL and WBBL Championships!

The Sixers have enjoyed plenty of success as a club over the years, so why not rewind and lose yourself in the happier times when our men and women in magenta sat atop the Big Bash tree.

BBL|09 Final - Sixers vs Stars


WBBL03 Final: Sixers vs Scorchers


WBBL|02 Final: Sixers vs Scorchers


BBL|01 Final: Sixers vs Scorchers


2. Catch upon how our players are keeping busy while staying home

Sydney Sixers BBL and WBBL players have been keeping themselves busy with a raft of activities while staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our full wrap-up HERE.


3. Get to know our BBL players better!

Find out what makes the players in our BBL squad tick on and off the field in our YOU or ME? content series YouTube.


4. Get to know our WBBL players better!

See how well our WBBL players know each other, while also finding out some juicy inside info in our Teammates content series on YouTube.


5. Chat with our Messenger Chatbot, Syd!

Looking for someone to keep you company during isolation? Why not spark up a conversation with our Messenger Chatbot, Syd! Syd has a plethora of Sixers knowledge and even a decent repertoire of jokes, just ask! To get started, click HERE.


6. Test your knowledge with these Sixers puzzles!

Put your skills to the test by trying to complete these puzzles we've shared across our social media channels over the past few weeks.