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Club statement regarding John Hastings

12 October 2018

The Sydney Sixers are working with John Hastings on the best outcome following his recent health concerns.

He has had persistent bleeding on his lungs when he bowls and doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact cause or a solution at this stage.

They also cannot rule out more serious complications should he continue bowling. Medical advice at the moment is that he shouldn’t bowl and the Club is working with him on the next steps as he considers possible treatment options or other outcomes.


“This has been an extremely difficult time to come to terms with this situation,” said Hastings.


“It is something that I wear with a heavy heart. Cricket has been everything to me in my life, not just the game but the people involved in it. I owe it so much. So to potentially have it taken away hurts a lot.


“I can’t thank the Sydney Sixers enough for their ongoing support, in particular Jodie Hawkins, it really does mean a lot to be at a new club and be looked after so well. I am extremely grateful.”


Sixers General Manager Jodie Hawkins said the Club was committed to working with Hastings as he seeks medical advice.


“John has been keeping us very well informed of his condition over the last few months and we will continue to work with him as we sort through the next steps,” said Hawkins.


“At the end of the day, John’s health is the most important factor here and anything that could cause more permanent injury needs to be taken seriously.”


The Sixers will continue to support John as he assesses his options, however as a result of the condition he is likely to be unavailable this coming summer.