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Sixers support CA Gender Inclusion policy

08 August 2019

The Sydney Sixers have today thrown their support behind Cricket Australia and Cricket NSW’s announcement on a direction for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in elite and community cricket.

Commencing consultation with key stakeholders in October 2018, Cricket Australia has developed an Elite Cricket Policy and Guidelines for Community Cricket to support players electing to participate in cricket in line with their gender identity, whether or not this aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth.

The Elite Cricket Policy is aligned to the International Cricket Council’s Eligibility on the Basis of Gender Recognition and provides transgender and gender diverse cricketers guidance on how they can compete at the highest levels of the sport, consistent with their gender identity.

The Guidelines for Community Cricket will assist clubs, players, administrators, coaches and other volunteers deliver a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, free of harassment and discrimination for gender diverse players at the game’s grassroots.

Sydney Sixers General Manager Jodie Hawkins applauded the Cricket Australia announcement, reaffirming the club’s commitment to embracing important social responsibility.

“It is not right in today’s society that people are discriminated against, harassed or excluded, because of who they are,” Hawkins said.

“Today the Sydney Sixers join and support Cricket Australia and Cricket NSW in demonstrating our commitment to include people with an affirmed gender identity in the game at every level. It is a watershed moment to have this policy at the elite level, and a very positive step towards ensuring we have inclusion at all levels of Australian cricket.

“We take the social responsibility of our position in the community very seriously and will continue to grow in this area."

Read more about Cricket Australia's policy HERE.