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What to expect

What to expect

So a Big Bash game is just a great night out, with family, friends, relatives - anyone who wants to come along really.

We like the experience to start from the moment you arrive. In our Fan Zone outside the ground we have a range of activities to keep the kids, big and small, entertained. Throwing and batting nets, music, a slide and ball pit and a range of photo opportunities.

On your way into the ground we offer helpful handouts to ensure your experience at the game is a little bit of extra fun. We theme our matches to Christmas, a Beach Party and a Girls Night Out, and we encourage everyone to wear as much magenta, our official team colour, as they can. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything at home though, that’s what our handouts are for! Collect what you want on your way into the ground and then head to your seats.

The match itself starts, the music continues, and we encourage everyone to get into the spirit. The rules are fairly simple but we keep everyone up to date on the big screen and through our MC’s on the field, radio superstars Shannon Byrne and Matt De Groot.

Although you might never want it to, the game ends after around three hours, and the players come to the fence line of certain sections of the ground (to see where click here) to sign autographs and pose for pics.

On a serious note, your safety at our home ground is very important to us.

We work with the NSW Police and Sydney Cricket Ground Trust Security to provide a friendly, safe, fun environment so on the way in there may be bag searches and security wanding (similar to that at the airport once you’re through the scanner).